Yankees make pitch for YES to air Apple TV+ exclusive game

1. If you hate the Yankees, and I know many of you do, you will enjoy this story.

With Aaron Judge sitting at 60 home runs and chasing Roger Maris’s franchise and American League record of 61 home runs, fans wanting to see the Yankees slugger in action will have to tune into Friday night’s game via AppleTV+.

New York’s game against Boston will not air locally in the New York market. The game will be available nationally only via AppleTV+.

According to the new york post‘s Andrew Marchand, the Yankees aren’t satisfied with this. Marchand reports the Yankees have asked MLB and Apple to allow the YES Network to air the game locally in New York.

So far, Apple has said no. And good for Apple. Why should Apple, which paid MLB $85 million for the exclusive Friday-night package, give up its most anticipated game of the season just to help out the Yankees? The arrogance of the Yankees to even ask Apple to let YES air the game is not shocking, though.

These are the same greedy Yankees who have such disdain for their fans that they took 20 games that have aired on over-the-air free TV for decades and sold them to Amazon Prime Video, forcing their fans to pay to stream those 20 games, while said fans already pay for cable in order to get the YES Network.


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